• The average portrait sitting is approximately 15 minutes.  In that time, we will capture a selection of poses in front of a preselected and pre-lit background.
  • The camera is tethered to a computer, so after the session there will be between 30-40 images for review.  Subjects will make their final selection right after their portrait sitting.
  • Final delivery is a week to 10 days after the shoot.  Delivery will be via email.


  • Hair and make-up
    • There will be no make-up artist or hair dresser, unless specifically requested (additional fee for a hair and make-up artist).  So, hair and make-up are the subject's responsibility.
    • Men traditionally do not need make-up, but be sure your hair is how you want it to appear in your portrait.
    • Ladies, do not put on more make-up than usual.  Liquid foundation is preferred, but not mandatory. 
    • Please have your hair and make-up camera ready when you show up for your session.
  • Wardrobe
    • Depending on your business, you should wear work clothes you are COMFORTABLE in.
    • Try to avoid whites.
    • Try to avoid large patterns
    • Try to avoid colors that are close you your skin tone, they can make you look washed out.
    • Deep blues, blacks, colors that match your eyes are always good.
    • Please make sure your clothing is clean, pressed... stain and wrinkle free.

Other tips:

  • Think about three words that best describe you and your approach to your profession.  Trusted.   Honest.  Diligent.  Serious.  Fun.  Confident.  Intelligent.  Loyal.  Ambitious.  Daring.  Dynamic.  These words, or others YOU choose,  will help you communicate who you are when the shutter snaps.  
  • Do not be afraid to laugh!  Holding in laughter only serves to tense up your facial muscles and make you look angry.
  • The more relaxed you are, the better your portrait will be.
  • It's digital... and essentially free.  If I get you mid-blink (which ALWAYS happens) no sweat, we simply take another shot.  Digital is easy, and no hassle... and we see the result immediately.
  • Subtle changes mean a lot.  You do not have to do the happy/sad larger than life emotions to capture an effective portrait.  A small raise of the eyebrow, a shy smile, a slight squint can work wonders.
  • Most importantly... have fun.